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I need stories to care 


I need it to be the feeling of drinking too much water on a blisteringly hot day; forgetting to breathe because you need it so desperately. I need these thoughts, fears, hopes, feelings, ideals to pour through me and into my very blood.


Stories need to make YOU care 


Void of any affected numbness, entirely about the symphony of connections we can make to each other and to our experiences. When you prick my words you too will bleed.


My stories are catharsis


The act of creation used to push thoughts and feelings out onto the stage, to share them with audiences and invite their own worlds to intermesh with mine. Drawing the lines between our minds so we can understand each other and see the world as more than just our single viewpoint.


My stories are inclusive


There's absolutely no reason why it can't be, and I want to do my part encouraging it, through writing stories that include more women, people of color, and LGBTQ+ characters. Representation starts in media- why not make sure that everyone is included from the start?


My stories are transformative


We construct the image of ourselves around the ones we see in our stories. We teach history to know who we were; we tell stories to grasp at who we want to be.


My stories are inspiration



Stories can exist as a space where anything is possible for anyone. It can and should exist to drive people to imagine bigger, to strive harder, to achieve greater dreams than they ever thought possible. 


My stories are your stories. 






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